Connections to the Rama - Rawana Legend

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'Ravana Kotte' – The Fortress of Ravana

According to legend, the submerged reef off the Southern Coast, on which the two light houses namely, Little Basses (Kuda Ravana) and Great Basses (Maha Ravana) stand today, is said to be the remnants of the ancient city called the Sri-Lanka-Pura (or was it Lanka Pura?), the stronghold of Ravana. To this day (it is said that) people refer to this submerged reef as ‘Ravana Kotte’ (The Fortress of Ravana).

Legend also states that the waters of the ocean had rushed over the capital (Ravana Kotte) by the act of the Gods to punish the Ravana (I do not know for what) and buried twenty five palaces and five hundred thousand streets. (Was it a Tsunami?   :o)

Further, based on the experience of the fishermen, at the edge of this submerged reef, on the side towards the coast one can easily find the bottom of the reef. But, the other side towards to ocean is so deep that the longest line dropped by the fishermen would not touch the bottom. Hence, they call it the ‘Rawana Baemma’ or ‘Ravana’s Ridge’.

So next time you see these light houses… remember that you may actually be seeing history!  ::).

This I read in R.L. Brohier’s book titled ‘Seeing Ceylon’ (ISBN 995-8425-16-8); Pages 255, 256.

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Dear All,

There is a set of article on "Rama Ravana legend" on Sunday Lankadeepa by Shantha Kumara VItana....Already 5 articles published by last Sunday....

Hope you all will find some more info from it....


Hello Charith,

Thanks for the information.


Hello All,

I managed to buy a book titled 'Ramayana in Lanka' published by the 'Chinmaya Mission Sri Lanka'. Naturally, the book covers more of Rama & Sita than of Rawana. The book lists 44 sites that are connected to the Legend. A DVD titled 'Sri Lanka's Ramayana Trail' too comes with the book. It contains visuals (along with a commentary) of the sites listed in the book. The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has had a hand in producing the DVD. It is obvious that their interest in it has/had been only to attract some Indian tourists into the country!  :(.

I did find information on sites related to the Legend, yet my guess is that a lot more has been left out.  ???.

I will post the details of these sites (listed in the book), one by one, when time permits.

May be this is the same publication that Kishan has mentioned in an earlier post.



This article "Historical Evidence of Ramayana & Rawana in Sri Lanka" has a list of places connected to the Rama-Rawana legend.


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