Road from Thanamalwila to Sella Kataragama

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Hi All,

Referring to the 1:50,000 map I noticed a road / Jeep track from Thanamalwila to Sella Kataragama, which seemed to be very short. Is there anybody who has used the road recently. Want to know the condition of the road & whether can be managed with a van with average ground clearance. ( ikman kota weida danne nehene ;D ;D ;D).


Hello Viraj,

This road is now within the Lunugamvehera NP/Reserve (what ever). Hence, I do not think the authorities will allow you to 'cross' from one end to the other. Anyway, even before the NP came into being this stretch used to be a very boring walk.

If you are looking for a short cut, there is this new road that connects Lunugamvehera town to Sella Katharagama. I have no clue on the condition of the road. Please check before you go as it certainly might be like you said an ...........'ikman kotai' issue.  ;)

Best Regards,


Hi Priyanjan,

The road along the Lunugamvehera dam should be OK. Because the gravel roads are usually repaired before the Esala festival. Once I have gone through the same road but by a jeep. ( Mama haduwe ketima keti parak hoyaganna ;D ;D ;D)

Thank you very much.


Hi All,

The road from Lunugamwehera junction to Kataragama is in an acceptable manner. Evan a small car can be managed the same. The distance is just 20km from Lunugamwehera / 32km from Thanamalwila to Kataragama. One special thing is that the road along the dam of Lunugamwehera reservoir is now open for public. (Otherwise you may have to drive along a gravel road at the base of the dam)

Have a safe journey !




          There is a road from lunugamwehera to kataragama, more than 2 roads actually, I might be able to help you with a KMZ file showing turn by turn directions, give me some time to extract the track and put to a kml. tho not sure where to post it, as its a kml file, is it here or in the GE kml forum section.


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